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Poseidon's Triton Tools Selected As DesignVision Award Finalist at DesignCon 2006

ATLANTA, GA, January 23, 2006 Poseidon Design Systems, a provider of innovative Electronic System Level (ESL) solutions for embedded system design, today announced its Triton Builder - APU solution has been selected as a DesignVision Award finalist. The DesignVision Award recognizes companies for recent products and services that have added a new dimension to the electronic design industry and to society as a whole. Winners of the DesignVision awards will be announced Tuesday, February 7, during DesignCon, which will be held February 6-9, 2006 at Santa Clara Convention Center, Calif.

About Poseidon's Triton Tools
Poseidon offers tools that analyze the performance of an embedded system, including software performance (using performance counters, code profiling, and bottleneck analysis) and hardware performance (checking memory bandwidth, pipeline stalls, and cache mis-hits). It helps designers fine-tune a system architecture for a particular end-use application.

Poseidon's leading-edge tools for platform-based design enable system designers to map an application onto a hardware architecture that may be comprised of multiple processor cores and custom hardware. With these tools, engineers can quickly perform design exploration, hardware/software partitioning, and system optimization to successfully create the electronic devices of the future.

About DesignVision Awards
The DesignVision Awards will be announced at a ceremony to be held February 7, 2006, during the DesignCon conference in Santa Clara, Calif. The awards mirror a rich International Engineering Consortium (IEC) tradition of recognizing innovative technology. The DesignVision Awards program recognizes technologies, applications, products, and services judged to be the most unique and beneficial to the industry. The DesignVision Awards also honor corporations and individuals for innovative contributions and developments that have proven important to society.

About Poseidon Design Systems
Poseidon Design Systems is an Electronic Design Automation company with offices in Atlanta, GA., Livermore, CA, and Bangalore, India, founded in July 2002 to provide products and services for modeling and designing processor-based SoCs. Poseidon's Electronic System Level tools allow users to rapidly analyze, optimize and accelerate a complete SoC system. Visit Poseidon Design Systems at www.poseidon-systems.com