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Triton Builder is a design automation tool that synthesizes application specific hardware accelerators. With the use of Triton Builder, system designers obtain dramatic performance improvements to processor-based platforms.

Many current processor-based platforms are inadequate to satisfy the demands of the increasing complexity and real time performance constraints of embedded systems. Builder is a tool that improves the performance of existing platforms through hardware acceleration, with minimal time and effort expenditure by the hardware designer.

Builder Design Flow
The Builder flow begins by profiling the application cosimulated with the system hardware. The tool identifies the computational bottlenecks at both the loop and function levels. These candidates for acceleration are presented to the user along with their performance statistics. The user controls the selection of the desired routines for acceleration. The Builder tool creates a hardware accelerator to perform each selected task. The tool also generates all of the required drivers and source modifications to utilize the new hardware. The “application-specific” accelerators provide orders of magnitude improvement in performance, without the complex and time consuming effort of other accelerator design flows.

Innovative Technology
While there are many design challenges in creating custom hardware accelerators two of the key issues are: 1) identifying the functionality of critical algorithms which need to be accelerated; 2) creating efficient communication interfaces to get the data into and out of the custom hardware. Poseidon has developed key technologies in both areas to create the most effective solution in the marketplace.

Key Features of Builder

  • Synthesizes application specific hardware accelerators directly from standard ANSIC
  • Profiles application to identify candidates for hardware implementation
  • Flexible interaction that enables the user to exercise control over the functions of the tool
  • Multiple communication options to meet system requirements
  • Co-simulation environment using Triton Tuner to verify the accelerated system
  • Automatic generation of test benches, drivers, and modified application code
  • Optimizing precompiler - optimize source to generate better accelerator hardware
  • Easy to use system bring-up features to insure success and rapid verification
  • Inputs source code and system description
  • Analyzes source with optimizing precompiler
  • Profiles and partitions application
  • Generates Drivers, accelerator RTL, and C model
  • Generates modified source
  • Generates system bring-up support
Use Triton Builder to:
  • Increase system performance by offloading processor consuming algorithms to hardware
  • Speed up algorithms up to 100X
  • Decrease system power consumption
  • Reduce system hardware development time by automating the accelerator synthesis process
  • Reduce system software development time by automating the generation of device drivers and other hardware related software
  • Accelerate system bring up and verification
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